Policy on using dash cams and cameras during the practical driving test.

This means from 1 June 2019, you can use dash cams and cameras subject to the conditions listed below. This doesn’t change our general policy on not allowing the recording or filming of theory or practical driving tests, or filming on our premises. 

 That includes recording inside or outside the test vehicle - for example, during a motorcycle test. The use of dash cams and cameras during the practical driving test is allowed, subject to the following policy and conditions.
1. The dash cam or camera is external facing only and doesn’t film the inside of the vehicle.
2. The dash cam or camera doesn’t record audio from inside the vehicle.
3. We will under no circumstances accept, comment on, or review audio or video footage provided by a test candidate or third party to facilitate a challenge to the conduct of any driving test or its result.
4. Any footage we receive in connection with an allegation of criminal activity or intent will be referred to the police.
5. Video or audio footage of a driving test mustn’t be shared with any third party or published by any means. That includes (but isn’t exclusive to) social media, broadcast media, internet or as an article in any journal, newspaper or book.
6. Where a vehicle is fitted with a dash cam or camera you’ll be asked by the Examiner to confirm that the equipment is in use and that it’s recording only external footage. You’ll also be asked to confirm that any audio element to the equipment is switched off. If this isn’t possible the test may be abandoned.
7. You should ensure that, if fitted, dash cams or cameras are positioned so they don’t affect the Examiner’s ability to clearly observe the road ahead or to the rear. If an Examiner’s view is affected you’ll be asked to either reposition or remove the dash cam or camera. If this isn’t possible the test may not proceed.
8. If you have a dash cam or camera fitted you should be aware that when recording video or audio that captures personal information, you must follow the law in the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018).
9. Images of people are covered by the DPA 2018, as is information about people which is derived from images - for example, vehicle registration numbers. So again you must follow the law in the DPA 2018. Participants at the GDL Stakeholder meeting.
Guidance Issued by the Registrar It’s important that you follow the conditions about using dash cams during a driving test outlined on the previous page. We’re issuing these as guidance from our Registrar, as defined in the Motor Vehicles (Driving Instruction) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2010, as amended.
Breaches of this policy by an ADI or AMI, or any complaints received from third parties, will be viewed seriously and will be dealt with by our Registrar. They may result in the termination of registration.