Mobile Application. We are also in the process of developing a mobile application to be used on a tablet device, by driving examiners as part of the driver test process. Work is underway to put the necessary infrastructure in place to facilitate this change to the way we work. Over the next few months we aim to trial these mobile devices firstly in house with our driving examiners at three pilot sites (Coleraine, Dill Road and Belfast Test Centres).

As part of this trial we may select a few driving examiners to use these devices in an actual test environment. In order that we can give you advance notice of which tests have been selected, could you please ensure that any candidates booking a test during January and February 2016,


Our current policy is that in car cameras (filming) cannot be used on a practical driving test other than in specific circumstances. For example, by TV production crews with the Agency’s permission and having editorial control of the film or recording. Driving examiners can stop a test, including motorcycle tests, if they become aware that filming or audio recording is taking place without prior Agency permission. However, we are aware that some insurance companies are offering lower premiums for instructors if they install and use recording equipment.

As a result, we are currently reviewing our policy on the use of video and audio equipment during a practical driving test. We are working closely with DVSA to establish if there are any data protection issues that need to be considered before an in car camera can be used in a driving test. As soon as this issue has been resolved, we will inform ADIs / AMIs of the outcome.