DVA Driving Examiners are Going Digital

We are embracing new digital technology to transform how we carry out driver testing.

The current paper based test marking system is being replaced with digital tablets that Driving Examiners will use to input the driving test assessment information.

After comprehensive trialling and testing of the tablets, they are now ready to be rolled out in a phased approach to all of our Driving Examiners.

From 30th April 2018, Driving Examiners in Newtownards test centre will be fully trained and will begin to use the digital tablets to carry out category B (car) practical driving tests. 

However candidates may be assessed by Examiners using either the digital technology or the paper based system.

The digital tablets will be rolled out in a phased approach to other test centres throughout the year. It is estimated that by late 2018, all test centres where category B tests are currently carried out will be using the tablets.

There will be no change to the driving test itself or to the assessment criteria. Important Information for Driving Test Candidates.

Before the test starts, candidates will be asked to check that the email address provided at the time of booking is correct.

If they wish they can change it and the driving test report will be emailed to the new address they provide. When the candidate passes the test, the pass certificate will also be emailed to them.

Candidates can choose to have their full licence issued automatically, providing a fast, easy and secure customer service.