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You The driver

No matter how good, how fast, how expensive or how efficient your vehicle is, it's you, THE DRIVER, who determines whether it's a safe means of transport. Driver skill and driver attitude are two key areas which determine your approach behind the wheel.

There is, after all, a lot of enjoyment and satisfaction to be gained from showing not only your skill and ability but also courtesy and consideration to those around you. Apart from the reward of a nod or smile in appreciation, you'll have the added satisfaction of knowing you are making our roads that much safer. The right attitude and behaviour are the key factors to becoming a good driver. This section is devoted to helping you develop those qualities.


A good driver isn't a perfect driver; it's very doubtful if such a driver exists. Nevertheless, apart from skill and experience, which only come with time, a good driver needs

    1. responsibility
    2. concentration
    3. anticipation
    4. patience
    5. confidence.

Together, these qualities go to make up what is generally known as the driver's attitude. It is attitude which, in turn, influences driver behaviour.

Developing the right attitude and behaviour will come easier to some drivers than others, but these attributes are so important to safe driving that it's vital for every driver to make the effort to keep working on them. Take pride in your driving and remember mat, even if you have been driving for years, there's always something to learn. It's a fact that nearly all road accidents are caused, to some degree, by the driver. Reducinq them is the responsibility of every driver.


What is that responsibility?

As a responsible driver, you must always be concerned for the safety of yourself and your passengers of all other road users, particularly the most vulnerable, such as.

    1. children
    2. the elderly
    3. people with disabilities
    4. cyclists
    5. motorcyclists
    6. people in charge of animals.

Be tolerant; remember that everyone is entitled to use the road. This may mean making allowances for other road users from time to time. Look, and plan your actions well ahead to avoid causing danger or inconvenience. In this way you can avoid the temptation to act hastily - perhaps with dire consequences. Be responsible by recognising the limitations of yourself and others.


The responsibility for safe driving rests with you.

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