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Starting To Drive

Before you drive on busy roads and in traffic, you should master the basic techniques of starting, moving off and stopping. You must have full control of your vehicle at all times, and this involves a good working knowledge of the various controls being able to co-ordinate hand and foot controls together. In addition you need to have an understanding of the rules of the road a respect for the needs of other road usersa basic knowledge to enable you to check your vehicle to make sure everything is working correctly and the vehicle is safe before setting out.


    1. Starting the engine        
    2. Moving off        
    3. Braking        
    4. Stopping in an emergency
    5. Using the horn        
    6. The parking brake        
    7. Signalling        
    8. Moving off at an angle        
    9. Moving off uphill        
    10. Moving off downhill     


Getting started

Startinq to drive isn't just a matter of startinq the engine and driving off. You should first of all check your vehicle to make sure it's safe and ready for the road. Everyday checks Make a habit of checking daily thatthe windscreen, windows and mirrors are clean all lights (including indicators) are working; replace any dead bulbs immediately (it's a good idea to carry spare fuses and bulbs)the brakes are working; don't drive with faulty brakes.

Periodic checks

These checks are both for safety and good vehicle maintenance. Check and top up if necessary engine oil water level in the radiator or expansion tank brake fluid level battery; top up with distilled water if necessary (some batteries are maintenance free and don't need topping up) windscreen and rear window washer bottles. You should also check tyres and make sure they are legal; they must have the correct tread depth and be free of dangerous cuts and defects at the right pressure.

How often?

How often you make the checks depends on how much you drive. Consult your vehicle owner's handbook. If you drive a lot, you may need to do these every day.

Regular servicing

Have your vehicle regularly serviced. The owner's handbook will tell you when servicing is recommended.

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