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New drivers


Learning by example

The inexperienced often learn by example. They should, therefore be shown how to drive with quiet confidence have examples of bad driving explained and not excused be discouraged from developing bad habits and using excuses like 'Everyone else does it so why shouldn't 17' learn from the good examples you demonstrate. Taking on too much The enthusiastic learner should be very careful not to take on too much. Over-confidence can lead to carelessness, taking risks and, sometimes, tragic accidents.

Young and inexperienced drivers are more vulnerable on the roads. They can often be involved in accidents early in their driving careers, sometimes tragically so. Such accidents can usually be attributed to the natural exuberance of youth immaturity; an inability to cope with the serious nature of driving showing off to friends; 'egging on' by passengers looking for excitement competitive behaviour, racing and so on lack of experience and judgement, especially when driving 'performance' cars being over-confident of their own ability.


driving too fast; speed can kill reckless driving; drive with consideration and care showing off; if you want to impress your friends, show them how safe a driver you are being 'wound up'; keep calm, learn to ignore the stupidity of others an aggressive attitude and behaviour; again, stay cool and safe loud music, which could interfere with your concentration or with your hearing at a critical moment driving beyond your capabilities; always leave yourself a safety margin being distracted by passengers.


Above all, be responsible and always show courtesy and consideration to other road users. Your life, and the lives of others, could depend on itl Be safe, don't take risks I False perceptions Many younger drivers wrongly believe that fast reactions and the ability to handle their vehicle will make them a good and safe driver. They fail to recognise that driving skill alone will not prevent accidents. Having the right attitude of mind and a sound knowledge of defensive driving techniques is essential.

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