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Anticipation in driving means planning well ahead and acting promptly to deal with the changes going on around you. It should, with experience, become almost an automatic reaction. It's the hallmark of a good driver. You need to continually question the actions of other road users.

If you plan ahead and try to anticipate the actions of others, you can avoid being taken by surprise prevent some hazards developing take early evasive action for those hazards that do develop Anticipation and good planning are essential to developing defensive driving techniques.


It's said that patience is a virtue, and this is certainly never more true than when you're driving. Sadly, incompetence, bad manners and aggression seem to be commonplace on our roads, but there is no excuse for this type of behaviour when driving.

You shouldn't let bad driving behaviour by other motorists lead to any conflict. If you do, you're well on the way to an accident. Be prepared to make allowances for someone else's mistakes. In everyone's interest, try to ignore their behaviour.


drive in a spirit of retaliation or competition use aggressive language or gestures try to teach another road user a lesson, even if they have caused you inconvenience.


keep calm show restraint use sound judgement.There's no better lesson than a good example.

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