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Moving off downhill

The routine is simpler than moving off uphill because the weight of the vehicle help you to move away. The aim is to prevent the vehicle fromrolling forward down the hill whilst moving away. The most effective, and possibly simplest, method is as follows.

Press the clutch pedal down fully. Engage the appropriate gear for the severity of the slope (this could be second gear). Apply the footbrake. Release the parking brake, keeping thefootbrake applied.

Check mirrors. Look round just before you move off to cover the blind spots. Signal if necessary. Only move away when you're sure it's safe to do so. Look round again if necessary.

Release the footbrake and release the clutch pedal smoothly as the vehicle starts to move. However, there may be other methods that can be employed. If they ensure that the manoeuvre is carried out under control. they are equally acceptable.

Remember Going uphill

You should co-ordinate the use of accelerator, clutch and parking brake as described earlier. Don't cut across or block traffic coming uphill. Use the MSM routine. Avoid hasty action. You need a larger gap in traffic before you pull away because your vehicle will not gain speed as quickly as on the level.

Going downhill

Be careful to use the right gear for the steepness of the slope to give you more
control. Don't forget that drivers coming downhill will need more time to slow down or stop. Again, leave a large enough gap before pulling away.

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