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Moving off uphill

Your vehicle will tend to roll back. To avoid this, you must use the accelerator, clutch and parking brake together. Much of the drill for moving off uphill is the same as for moving off on the level.

With your left foot, press the clutch pedal down and hold it down. Move the gear lever into first.  With your right foot, press the accelerator further than you would when starting on the level, and hold it perfectly steady The amount will depend on how steep the hill is.

Bring the clutch pedal up to the biting point, which will be slightly higher than when you're moving off on the level. Make your safety checks use your mirrors  look round over your right shoulder to check the blind spot.

Decide whether you need to signal your intention to move off. Signal if necessary look round again if necessary Lift the parking brake and release the button while you press the accelerator a little more. How much acceleration you need depends on the steepness of the hill.

Let the clutch up a little more, until you feel and hear the engine trying to move the vehicle. Release the parking brake smoothly. Gradually press the accelerator as the vehicle begins to move, and bring up the clutch pedal smoothly


Allow a safe gap in any traffic because your vehicle will be slower pulling away and building up speed. Controlling the parking brake and clutch This requires good timing. If you release the parking brake too soon, the vehicle Will roll back.

The vehicle will stall if

    1. you hold the parking brake too long
    2. you bring up the clutch too quickly too far
    3. you don't use enough acceleration.

Practise the steps until you've mastered the technique.

Then practise moving off uphill without rolling backwards, from behind a parked vehicle, at an angle.

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