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Moving off at an angle

Use the same drill as for moving off straight ahead covered under 'Moving off' When making the routine safety checks and at the biting point ask yourself. At what angle should I move out? and How far will this take me into the road? Your decision will depend on how close you are to the vehicle or object in front how wide the vehicle is ahead oncoming traffic.

Your window pillar can obstruct your view ahead. Make sure there's nothing in the area hidden by this obstruction. Watch out for other vehicles behind and signal if necessary, then look over your right shoulder again release the parking brake as you ease the clutch pedal up a little more.

The vehicle will begin to move. Tight clutch control is needed, so keep the clutch pedal at or just above the biting point give yourself time to complete the amount of steering you need to clear the vehicle in front release the clutch pedal smoothly only when your vehicle is clear of the obstruction allow room for someone to open a door, if you're steering around a vehicle check your mirrors. move out slowly, straighten up, and be ready to brake - a pedestrian might step out from the other side of the parked vehicle.

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