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 Moving off

With your left foot, press the clutch pedal fully down and hold it there. Move the gear lever into first gear If it won't engage move the gear lever to neutral let out the clutch repeat the first two steps. You should prepare to move off only if you'll be able to do so shortly.

With your right foot, press the accelerator slightly and hold it steady. Slowly and smoothly, let up the clutch pedal until you hear the engine noise change slightly This change means the clutch is at the biting point. With experience, you'll be able to feel the biting point.

Hold the clutch steady in this position. Now make your final safety checks use your mirrors look over your right shoulder to check the blind spot. Decide if a signal is necessary The tlmmg of any signal is crucial. Avoid waiting unduly with the clutch at biting point.

If it's safe to move off, be ready to release the parking brake. Look round again if necessary and keep an eye on your mirrors. When you're sure it's safe and convenient to move off  release the parking brake at the same time, let the clutch pedal come up a little more. The vehicle will begin to move.

Tight clutch control is needed, so keep the clutch pedal just above the biting point. Gradually depress the accelerator for more speed and let the clutch come up smoothly, and then take your left foot off the clutch pedal Biting point The 'biting point' is when the clutch plates start to engage You must be able to fmd this point confidently when you bring up the clutch pedal Although you can press the pedal down quickly, you must not let it come up too fast. Practise.

Practice makes perfect Getting these steps in the right order is difficult at first. Choose a quiet level road to practise starting, moving off, and stopping.


Signal and move out regardless sit with the signal showing when you can't move out safely.

Defensive driving

Check all round before moving off. Signal if necessary. Don't move out into the path of oncoming traffic. Don't rush.

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