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The ability to drive will also opens up some new career opportunities. There are jobs where you will need to have a valid driving license and this is why learning to drive is important. At present, there are more cars on are roads than what could be seen about 2 decades back, and for a novice driver or learner it is natural to get nervous in midst of heavy traffic.

This is why at the School of Motoring Ballymoney I will help you to gain adequate confidence to carefully manage the car with good control of the clutch, gear hand brake and accelerator.


Teaching Methodology – Theoretical and Practical Sessions

The teaching methodology at the School of Motoring Ballymoney comprises theoretical and practical training which I can tailor the lessons to your specific needs. I offer a complete learning experience through well-structured program that combines the underlying theoretical aspects of driving, with situational analysis to impart a better clarity on the topics being taught.

This ensures a deep understanding of the mechanics of driving. The practical training sessions at the School of Motoring Ballymoney entail a series of sessions of on-road, on pre-defined routes particularly chosen to give the learner a comprehensive experience on driving in various road and traffic conditions.

The on road sessions have been planned with 100% perfection to cover all possible difficult tasks a driver can encounter on a day to day basis. The specially conceptualised route patterns aid in stage-wise learning of specific skills. These include -

    1. Moving into a tight space
    2. Handling difficult turnings
    3. Driving amidst heavy traffic
    4. Parking, and highway driving
    5. Easy manoeuvring
    6. Reversing

Drive with confidence and get your License!

You will learn to drive with confidence and I will also acquaint you well with all the traffic rules in on road driving. Driving safely on the road, caring for other cars and pedestrians are some of the skills that you will learn at our school of motoring ballymoney.

PS...If you have attained the legal age for driving, it may be the time to get behind the wheels and stop being dependent on parents, spouse or friends when you need to reach a place. Drive to work, college, shopping mall or go on short trip by road in your car!

PPS... At the School of Motoring Ballymoney, I will help you master the art of driving and also get you that driving license that you have been wishing for! If the though of driving scares you or you have lack of sufficient confidence, I will help you develop the skill that you need! Surprise yourfriends and family by proving that you too can control a car and drive independently and confidently.

Master the Art of Driving at the School of Motoring Ballymoney

Contact me now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07711631101 to enroll for driving lessons and we will 'drive' it further from there.

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